There is a popular phrase stated by Mr. Andreas Antonopoulos (Tech entrepreneur) “Not your keys, not your bitcoin.” It means that if you are storing your crypto assets on an exchange without having your private keys, then you don’t have any guarantee of having the ownership of assets.

Since there are nefarious external forces that can cause scams with your trade, and in such cases, what you need is a wallet that can ensure the security of trade during the exchange process.

If you own a substantial amount of crypto assets, it is better to go with a hardware wallet which gets you the maximum security. In this article we are going to tell you about some of the best hardware wallets that you can opt for to ensure the security and safety of your crypto trade.


Ledger (Nano S & Nano X)

France-based Ledger is one of the most popular non-custodial wallets in the market, and safety-wise also it can be considered as one of the best hardware wallets. Its wallet has a certified secure element (CC EAL5+) chip with a pin code, and it also gives you the backup option to recover.

Both devices, Nano X ($119) & Nano S ($59), have similar features while there are certainly some differences with its pricing and features as well.

In Nano X, you get a bigger screen compared to Nano S, and its storage capacity is also more. Additionally, in the Nano X wallet, you get the Bluetooth connectivity for using it with your mobile device. Also, Nano S supports android devices only, but Nano X supports both android and iOS.

One more reason for the popularity of the Ledger Nano series is due to its ease of usage. In both wallets, you can physically input your pin, store assets and check your transactions. You can use Ledger live app, you can directly control your crypto assets to do online trading.


BitBox O2

BitBox O2 is another hardware wallet, which has become pretty popular among crypto traders. It provides high-grade safety features with a minimalistic package.

Considering the legitimacy of this wallet, one of the cofounders of BitBox O2 is a long-time key developer on the Bitcoin core. To use this wallet, you just need to connect this multi-signature wallet to your computer and you are ready to secure your crypto assets.

Also, it has an invisible sensor feature for gesture-based interaction, which you can use (tap or slide) to input passwords or do transactions. While BitBox O2 is available for Desktop users (Windows, Linux, MacOS) and android devices, with the additional support of third-party wallets.


Trezor (One & Model T)

Trezor One and Model T are also one of the most favorite hardware wallets of crypto traders. Just like Ledger, this wallet offers user friendly options. It can support over 1600 tokens, seems to be the only hardware wallet with full open source, which allows thousands of users to build their own devices. You can use this device by connecting it with your computer while you can also use it with other 3rd party wallets a well.



Today there are countless threats to digital exchange and to play safe you need to opt for the best solution. Here we have shown you some of the most popular hardware wallets which you can use to secure your trade and exchanges with crypto assets. Hope you like this article and please don’t forget to share it with others as well.